FAQ of Garden Ku Pottary Class

Can children learn pottery?

Yes, they can. However, we can teach only children of 10 years and above. If you need to bring children under 10 years old, pls also bring someone for baby-sitting so as not to disturb other students.

Should I book the class in advance? Or my lessons are fixed?

No, you don't need to book and you can attend any sessions, unless there are special events or anything happened. Pls kindly check our facebook for events and closure dates before you come.

Do I have to buy the necessary tools? Or can I bring my own tools?

We prepare all the necessary tools for pottery. Off course, you can bring your own, but we don't take any responsibility for your tools brought into our venue.

Is there any canteen or shop selling food or drinks inside Garden Ku?

No, there is not. We highly recommend you to bring your own drinks. But there are some restaurants and a hawker centre nearby within 5 minutes' walk.

How fast can I bring back my own works?

All the works need to go through at least 3 steps after shaping; biscuit firing, glazing and final firing. So at least it will take about 2 weeks to the completion. And also, pls note that if there are too many works to be fired, it will need more time accordingly.

Can I bring in my own works made at home to be fired?

Yes, you can, but it depends on the volume of the works as well as the other students' works. At this moment, we charge RM10 per kg for biscuit firing and RM10 per kg for final firing. We also sell clays at RM6 per kg.












窯のスペースとスケジュールにもよりますが、お請けしています。素焼き RM10(1kgにつき)、本焼き(釉薬付け)RM10(1kgにつき)の焼成代をいただいております。当教室では陶粘土の販売もしております。1kgにつきRM6です。